Salvation Army Trading Companyより、「Endeavour… a weekend with the ISB」が発売

Salvation Army Trading Companyより、救世軍バンド(The International Staff Band)の「Endeavour… a weekend with the ISB」が発売される。


演奏:The International Staff Band
指揮者:Stephen Cobb


1. Endeavour:Martin Cordner

2. All the World is Waiting:Howard Davies arr. Paul Sharman

3. What a Wonderful Day:Sidney Cox arr. Andreas Holmlund

4. Living Waters:Sam Creamer
Flugel Horn Soloist Richard Woodrow

5. Glory, Hallelujah!:Kevin Larsson

6. Jesus, good above all other:arr. Geoffrey Nobes

7. Cross-Rhythms:Steven Ponsford

8. A Special Moment:Steven Ponsford

9. The Garden:Martin Cordner

10. Candle of the Lord:Joy Webb arr. Peter Graham

11. When He Cometh:Howard Evans
Euphonium Soloist Derick Kane

12. Boundless Spirit:Martin Cordner

13. Into the Deep:Ray Steadman-Allen

14. Spirit of the West:Dudley Bright

15. To Boldly Go:Peter Graham

16. Bonus Track – My Story and Song:Stephen Foster arr. Ray Steadman-Allen
Baritone Soloist Simon Birkett

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