Obrassoより、ブラック・ダイク・バンド(Black Dyke Band)のCD「Great Cinema Hits」が発売中

Obrassoより、ブラック・ダイク・バンド(Black Dyke Band)のCD「Great Cinema Hits」が発売中。



演奏:ブラック・ダイク・バンド(Black Dyke Band)
指揮者:ニコラス・チャイルズ(Nicholas J. Childs)


1. Prologue (from “Hook”):John Williams arr. Darrol Barry

2. Back to the Future: Main Theme: Alan Silverstri arr. Darrol Barry

3. Dances With Wolves: Highlights:John Barry arr. Alan Fernie

4. The Best of Bond:John Barry arr. Darrol Barry

5. Out of Africa: Main Theme:John Barry arr. Alan Fernie

6. Mission Impossible: Main Theme:Lalo Schifrin arr. Alan Fernie

7. Crimson Tide: Main Theme:Hanz Zimmer & Nick Glennie-Smith arr. Klaas van der Woude

8. Hawaii Five-O: Main Theme:Morton Stevens arr. Peter Ratnik

9. Schindler’s List: Main Theme:John Williams arr. Sandy Smith

10. Wild West! – The Best of Ennio Morricone:Ennio Morricone arr. Sandy Smith

11. Rocky IV: War:Vince Di Cola arr. Alan Fernie

12. Forrest Gump: Feather Theme:Alan Silvestri arr. Sandy Smith

13. Rocky: Going the Distance – The Final Bell:Bill Conti arr. Darrol Barry

14. The Lion King (Medley):Elton John & Hanz Zimmer arr. Alan Fernie

15. Everything I Do, I Do It For You from Robin Hood:Bryan Adams & Michael Kamen arr. Alan Fernie

16. I Will Follow Him from Sister Act:J. W. Stole, Del Roma & Jacques Plante

17. The Magnificent Seven: Main Theme:Elmer Bernstein arr. Alan Fernie

18. 633 Squadron: Main Theme:Ron Goodwin arr. Darrol Barry

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