DOYENより、フォーデンズ・バンド(Foden’s Band)の新譜「Patrons’ Choice X」が発売中

DOYENより、フォーデンズ・バンド(Foden’s Band)の新譜「Patrons’ Choice X」が発売中。


品番:DOY CD370

演奏:Foden’s Band
指揮者:Michael Fowles


1. Grand Fanfare:Giancarlo Castro D’Addona

2. Aria con Variazioni:Handel arr. Matthew Eden
Mark Wilkinson (Cornet)

3. Dunlap’s Creek:Robert Bernat

4. When Sparks Fly:Tom Davoren
Sarah Lenton (Baritone)

5. Blue:Thomas Gansch (arr. John Doyle)
Richard Poole (Soprano Cornet)

6. A Farewell to Arms:Harrie Janssen

7. All Night Long:Lionel Ritchie(arr. Leigh Baker)

8. Someone Like You:Frank Wildhorn(arr. John Barber)
John Barber (Trombone)

9. Supremacy:Matthew Bellamy(arr. Simon Kerwin)

10. Gypsy Earrings:Ardeshir Farah(arr. Ryan McGeorge)
David Thornton and Mark Bousie (Euphoniums), John Barber (Piano), Andrew Cattanach (Bb Bass) and Mark Landon and Anthony Mann (Percussion)

11. The Seal Lullaby:Eric Whitacre(arr. Paul Sharman)
Melanie Whyle (Flugel Horn)

12. The Clock with the Dresden Figures:Ketelby(arr. Howard Snell)
Mark Landon, Anthony Mann, Eve Knowles and Matthew Brett (Percussion)

13. Just as I am:Wilfred Heaton

14. The Triumphal Entry of Spartacus:Khachaturian(arr. Howard Snell)


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