World Of Brassより、Doyenレーベルの最新のベスト盤「WOB 16」が発売


イギリスのWorld Of Brassより、Doyenレーベルが「全英ブラスバンド選手権(National Brass Band Championships)」2015から2016の間に発売したCDの中からトラックが選ばれたベスト盤「WOB 16」が発売された。


品番:WOB 193 CD
メーカー:World Of Brass



1. Brass Code : Thierry Deleruyelle
European Youth Brass Band

2-4. Symphony of Marches : Gilbert Vinter
Cory Band

5. High Voltage : Thierry Deleruyelle
The Central Band of the Royal Air Force

6. Forte : Paul Sharman
Derick Kane (Euphonium) with The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army

7. Soferska : Goran Bregovic / arr. Stephen Roberts
Black Dyke Band

8. Hypercube : Oliver Waespi
Paris Brass Band

9. Prelude on ‘Lavenham’ : Geoffrey Nobes
The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army

10. Gallipoli ‘100’ Mark (Espirit de Corps) : Martin Ellerby
Black Dyke Band

11. Upon the Celtic Cross : Jonathan Bates
Flowers Band

12. Under the Boardwalk : Kenny Young & Arthur Resnick / arr. Philip Harper
Helen Williams (Flugel Horn) with Cory Band

13. Selections from Godspell : Stephen Schwartz / arr. Gott
The Household Troops Band of The Salvation Army

14. It had Better be Tonight : Mancini / arr. Sandy Smith
Foden’s Band

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