Klavier Music Productionsより、アメリカ空軍バンドのCD「American Voices」が発売

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アメリカのKlavier Music Productionsより、アメリカ空軍バンドのCD「American Voices」が発売された。


品番:K 11210
メーカー:Klavier Music Productions

演奏:United States Air Force Band
指揮者:Larry H. Lang


1. Tower Ascending:Wayne Oquin

2. An Ge Thiain (The Wild Goose) :Ryan George

3. Let Evening Come:Donald Grantham

4. The School for Scandal – Overture, Op.5:Samuel Barber / arr. Al Bader

5. Symphony No.1 “Jeremiah”: 2. Profanation:Leonard Bernstein / arr. Frank Bencriscutto

6. Fanfare Ritmico:Jennifer Higdon

7. Symphony No.4 “Bookmarks from Japan”: 5. Evening Snow at Kambara:Julie Giroux

8. Burst of Blue:Robert Thurston

9. The End of Knowing: 1. Follower:Robert Beaser

10. The End of Knowing: 2. Slumber Song:Robert Beaser

11. For “The President’s Own”:John Williams

12. The Ringmaster’s March:John Mackey


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