Album for the Young

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor



Rattle The Cage / Larry Neeck
Thunderbolt Galop / Fred K. Huffer / arr. Andrew Glover
After The Storm / Jonathan McBride
Insurrection / Jay Coles
Christmas Fantasy / Paul Clark
Siberian Express / Todd Phillips
Elf Dance / Matt Conaway
Desert Fire / Jonathan McBride
Silver Wings March / Robert W. Smith
Mission To Mars / Jay Chattaway
Secret Agent / Rob Romeyn
As Eagles Soar / James Swearingen
The Quest for Greatness / Matt Conaway
Sleddin’ Hill / David Shaffer
Spirits of the Heavens / David Shaffer
Argosy / Robert W. Smith
The Sounds Of Liberty / James Swearingen
Pajaritos / Ed Huckeby
Simple Dreams / Rob Romeyn
Christmas Angels / Paul Clark
Promise Of A New Sunrise / David Shaffer
Attack of the Zombie Trombones / Larry Neeck
Power And Pride / Matt Conaway
Circus Time / David Shaffer
Time For Trumpets / Robert W. Smith
A Quiet Song / James Swearingen
Jingle Drums / Larry Neeck
Call To Glory / Rob Romeyn
Kick-Start! / James Swearingen
On Parade / Andrew Glover
Drum & Drummer / David Shaffer
Mach One / Jonathan McBride
Just As I Am / arr. Robert W. Smith
Deck The Holidays! / Rob Romeyn



Beyond The Summit

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor



Legends of the Galaxy / Chandler Wilson
Yorkshire Folk Song Suite / Pierre La Plante
The American Red Cross / Louis Panella / arr. Andrew Glover
The Addison Red Line / Jeremy Bell
Chorale Prelude on a German Hymn Tune / Claude T. Smith
Beyond the Summit / Jared Barnes
Lohengrin / Richard Wagner / arr. Donald Patterson
Of Heroes And Demons / Rob Romeyn
Dance of Chivalry / Matt Conaway
Praeludium / Armas Järnefelt / arr. Andrew Glover
Salut d’Amour / Edward Elgar / arr. Andrew Glover
In Ages Past / Ed Huckeby
Cyrus the Great / Karl L. King / arr. Andrew Glover
Shenandoah Fantasy / Jay Chattaway
Intrada for Winds / Robert Sheldon
Sleepers, Awake! / J. S. Bach / arr. Alfred Reed
Sparkling Lights / Matt Conaway
Prelude for Band / Claude T. Smith



Blaze The Trail

The Washington Winds, Edward S. Petersen, conductor



Blaze the Trail / Lisa Galvin
Flying Cadets / Karl L. King / arr. James Swearingen
Reflections From The Wall / David Shaffer
Erebus and Terror: The Lost Ships / Victor López
Be Still, My Soul / arr. James Swearingen
Renegade / Ed Huckeby
The Dark Waters / Matt Conaway
Rejoice The Season! / Rob Romeyn
Anthem for Peace / Ed Huckeby
Dark Energy / Jonathan McBride
Let The Light of Christmas Shine / James Swearingen
Courtly Procession And Dances / Rebecca Jarvis
Gentle Daybreak / Jeremy Bell
The Winds of Change / James Swearingen
Implacato / Matt Conaway
Cedar River Celebration / David Shaffer
Wrath of Vesuvius / Paul Clark
Lanterns In The Sky / Rob Romeyn
Hallelujah Chorus / George Frideric Handel / arr. Andrew Glover




キック・スターター! ワシントン・ウインズ Kick-Start!【吹奏楽 CD】 WFR390

(2016/9/17 15:51時点)

山頂を越えて ワシントン・ウインズ、フォーデンズ・バンド Beyond the Summit【吹奏楽 CD】 WFR388

(2016/9/17 15:52時点)

ブレイズ・ザ・トレイル ワシントン・ウインズ Blaze the Trail【吹奏楽 CD】 WFR389

(2016/9/17 15:53時点)

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