Hal Leonard MGBが新作の参考音源動画を続々と公開中

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Hal Leonard MGBが新作の参考音源動画をミッドウェスト・クリニックの時期に合わせて続々と公開している。


Fields of Honour – Thierry Deleruyelle(2016)

Spain by Chick Corea/arranged by Paul Murtha(Pre-order)

Salute to the Victor – Philip Sparke(2016)

Highdays and Holidays – Philip Sparke(2016)

Prelude to a Pageant – Philip Sparke(2016)

Upside Down – Filip Ceunen(2016)

Tchaikovsky Highlights – Wil van der Beek(2016)

Children’s Oak – Thierry Deleruyelle(2016)

Terra Mystica – Thomas Doss(2016)

Fellini (Omaggio a F. Fellini) – for Alto Saxophone, Circus Band and Wind Orchestra – Johan de Meij(2016)

Echoes of San Marco – Johan de Meij(2016)

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